Ong Zhi Zheng

Ong Zhi Zheng

Why Firebase?

long time no blog post!!!

so i procrastinated on this site for a while.....

then added a comment thingy!!!

and then added firebase storage thingies for blogs!!!

and because im not a very good hackerman or anything, firebase has saved been like a very epic tool for me because i don't have to build any storage server thingies... and by deploying it to vercel, almost everything's done for me

honestly, when i started picking up web dev as a pastime for the COVID days, and it's actually fun, with all these dev tools available now. imagine doing this 10 years ago, using jQuery and HTML and all the knitty gritty stuff

so Firebase is actually a really nice thing, and it's been very popular for a lot of reasons:

  • it has firstore and RTDB, and can fit a variety of use cases (though not all at all times)
  • it has cloud functions, and you can run server side processing there!
  • it has hosting services, and it's free with a cool domain! (, but if you wanna deploy nextjs there it's a little trickier)
  • it has analytics and performance monitoring in the console itself (which i find nice :P)
  • it has authentication services (though i've not used this yet - soon though xD)
  • it's pay-as-you-go (though you need to add a billing account if you use cloud functions)
  • it has firebase storage! (which i use for these bloggy thingies)

and a few more here and there~

anyways, this blog is just a small thought scribble, and may have some not right stuff in there, so comment me my mistakes :V and baiii thanks for reading this uwu